Steam Wars is Larry Blamire’s longtime steampunk project depicting a gritty and highly-detailed late 19th century reality in which wars are fought with fleets of massive steam-powered fighting machines in the form of ancient warriors, each manned by a crew. These “fighting rigs” come in various classes ranging from small two-person runabouts to enormous behemoths outfitted with artillery.

Steam Wars large rig image



The powerful Prussian Empire has strengthened its hold on part of Canada and is testing the northern US borders with a series of raids. The United States Steam Force, in its infancy compared to the Prussian war machine, meets the challenge with new and improved lines of ajax class, hercules class and goliath class fighting rigs. At the same time scrambling to find men reckless–make that foolhardy–enough to crew them.

Then rumors start.

That Prussia has acquired a new technology. That they’re developing something bigger and better, that even the finest USSF rigs cannot defend against.

And warfare would never be the same…


Background… In the 1800s the dawning of the machine age and the industrial revolution led to advancements in new and more efficient modes of warfare, in the form of walking fighting machines familiarly known as steam rigs. By The end of the century the steam rig had advanced from primitive, ungainly one-man contraptions to powerful yet elegant striding land vessels, manned by daredevil crews of specialists controlling its various parts, under orders from a commander and pilot in the headcap. All fueled by stokers shoveling increasingly valuable coal.